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First of all, I wanna open this rant with a funny image, ...
which can be found here:….

If you can't view it, it's a church marquee that reads:
"Reason Is The Enemy Of Faith!" ... Don't this mean
that to be a good Christian, you got to be stupid???

Certainly, irrational to the point of near-insanity. When
you read this rant, you'll know what I mean ...

Anyway. Don't you just hate it when ...

... someone comes onto YOUR page and leaves a bunch
of comments, but then doesn't want to hear what you got
to say, when you show them something ugly about some-
thing they think is "All That" ... and want you to think so,
REALLY THINK? Oh, they say they understand you points,
but then, they make it clear that they either really don't
-- or they just don't give a rat's ass ...


Like my friend said last night, about a similar incident that
I discuss below:

" ... like i said, he is being blind."

" ... because people want to cherry-pick and choose what
they read in it."

" ... they don't listen if anything is said, ... contradicting
what they think. They ignore it -- and try to use excuses
-- and debunk what the other says."


If you've been following my comments below the past
few days, you know what troll I'm talking about.

Really, I didn't want to block anyone, ... but what do you
do when someone is shoving his opinion down your throat
and doesn't want to even THINK SERIOUSLY about what
you have to say?

How else do you deal with someone like that?

I mean, it's not like I went to HIS page, totally uninvited,
and left just about a bazillion comments, trying to get him
to see my views. He came here to try to force me to see
his points, can't really back up those points with anything
I haven't already read for years all over the Internet, ...
and then, won't even listen to what I have to say.

"Child"? ... bleeeh. Seriously. Trying to sound like a Wise
... whatever. Glad I nipped this in the bud, when he started
to use profanity.

I really don't need a discussion, especially one unasked for,
to degenerate into something like that ...

Sorry for having to say so, ... but I feel this guy was being
a total jackass. And if he's still reading my page:

Don't come onto my page ... and leave comments not be
willing to listen when the person you're talking to has some-
thing to say that might not be something you wanna hear.

Seriously, I let him have HIS say, but he clearly was not
interested in anything I had to say, especially if it made him
have to look hard at what we were really talking about ...

Why are some people like that???


And now, I am dealing with a similar individual, on the heels
of this other incident.

This person -- sorry, I won't give his name, because I'm not
like that -- comes to me some days ago via Notes. And I am
glad that he, at least, had the courtesy to keep our current,
on-going discussing private, instead of dragging it out thru'
Public Comments for all to see.

But seriously, the longer I talk to him, the more I think that
he's no different from that other guy ...

He comes to me, acting like he's doing me a favor, when all
that he's doing this to me for is for himself. For his own
ego-gratification. With a total lack of honesty with himself
as to his motives. It's that whole knight-in-shining-armor-
helping-a-damsel-in-distress thing, acting like he's doing me
a favor, when what he's really gunning for is to make me
retract all of my opinions on the subject, just so he can go:

"WOO-HOO! VICTORY!!!" And pat himself on the back ...

Seriously, I feel like I am, for this guy, nothing more than
a lab specimen under a microscope, ... and he has just been
dissecting my mind and heart ...

He made it clear when we started he was ... curious ... to
know why I think what I do. ... I should have known better
than to let it get this far, ... seriously ...

He needs to be honest with himself about why he started
this discussion.

Well, from now on, it's like this. What I believe is none of
your business and what you believe is none of my business.
All that you'll get is whatever thoughts I have on the matter
as posted on my page. If you cannot take what you need
from what's already here, that's too bad.

I am DONE.

From now on, anyone that tries to start such a discussion,
either in Comments or Notes, ... I will gently decline. But ...
if that person persists, I will block them.

The kid gloves have come off.

I do not go to your pages, trying to force you to change
your minds. Don't come here and put a proverbial gun to
my head, trying to force me to betray my opinion.

Seriously, ... what is this? The freaking Inquisition???
What's next??? Torture in a dungeon???

... this may no longer be the Medieval Era, but it's plain
that we are still living in the Dark Ages ...

BTW, ... what you hear in a fancy Philosophical Class is not
real evidence, ... any more than hearsay in a court trial.

I seriously don't know where he even gets the idea that
opinionated speculation* proves ... anything.

(* As my friend defined it.)

And incidentally, I haven't blocked him, this second guy --
yet. He suggested that he expects me to eventually? Well,
I interpret that as him knowing that he's causing me pain
-- and being a PITA.

Why else would he expect me to eventually block him?

And if HE is reading this Journal Entry right now, here are
some things to consider:

When we are growing up, ... we are told never to talk to
strangers, accept gifts from strangers, ... or ever get into
a stranger's car.

And yet, ... THIS is okay? Blind faith in someone you've
never even met face-to-face is okay?

My friend, I submit to you that your "God" is, ... in fact,
... the Ultimate Stranger. And you got into "His" car --
after "He" tempted you with all sorts of sweets ...

And here is another thing to contemplate. You like trying
to find "Deep Meaning", even in things were there is NONE?
Well, wrap your mind around this:

"Religion is doing what you are told, ... regardless of what
is right. Morality is doing what is right, ... regardless of what
you are told."

But you think your "God's" so-called "Morality" trumps
everything else, so I don't expect you to understand this,

All I can say is that you'd probably think that "God's" order,
for example, that you must kill all non-believers, run people
thru' with a sword ... :o (Eek), ... that THAT BS is totally moral
and just!

"They entered into a covenant to seek the Lord, the God
of their fathers, with all their heart and soul; and everyone
who would not seek the Lord, the God of Israel, was to be
put to death, ... whether small or great, whether man
or woman." (2 Chronicles 15:12-13 NAB) Stare

You seriously need to find some kind of "Deeper Meaning"
... here? Really? Disbelief

Tell me, how many Unbelievers have you spilled the blood
and guts of
today??? Such things are okay to you?

It's enough to make me wanna vomit!!!

Where is your common sense, man!? WHERE!?

Altho' I can't find it right now, ... I remember that passage
about "taking up a sword" and going out to kill non-Believers
... and actually getting blessed for that. Or bashing babies
against rocks. No, I disagree!

Things that would get people thrown in prison, if you really
tried such things.

Really, dude, if you really think that stuff like this is moral
and righteous, just because it's in your Book, ... I am really
glad that you don't know where
I live!!! Fear

Seriously, dude. ... You're being a blind, enslaved TOOL.
And on some level, ... I pity you, ... because you have been
completely compromised way worse than whatever your
so-called "devil" could do.
You know as well as I do that there is no excuse for that
which is inexcusable. An evil deed is an evil deed, no matter
how much you sugar-coat it or spin-doctor it.

You are just clinging to excuses which amount to no excuse
-- at all.

There is really no way you can deny you are enthralled to
a tyrant and a dictator, ... who relies on cheap brain-
washing tricks and terror tactics
to do all of his dirty-

"Slaves, submit yourselves to your masters with all respect,
not only to the good and gentle, ... but also to the cruel.
(1 Peter 2:18)

What kind of person this "God" is is very clear.

I mean, seriously, someone, tell me this guy has only been
trolling us for a cheap laugh. Is this guy really this -- I hate
to say it, but dumb and crazy???

This has GOT to be a monumental trolling stunt. I seriously
can't believe anyone is that dense ...


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